Advance Need Simple Cremation with Post Cremation Memorial Service

  • For those desiring the assistance of a Licensed Funeral Director to assist with a post-cremation memorial service in your home, church, club or other facility. This package includes the professional services of a Licensed Funeral Director and support staff, 24 hour availability to respond to your initial call for service, transportation of remains from place of death, completion and filing of necessary certificates, documents and permits and cremation fee, a sheet bronze urn, assistance of Funeral Director to coordinate, attend and oversee all the details of a memorial service including providing a register book, memorial cards or folders and thank you notes.
    Price: $1,420.00
  • A container to encase the body prior to cremation is a crematory requirement. All cremation containers are 100% combustible and use very minimal amounts of metal in their construction.
  • Select an appropriate temporary or permanent container to hold the cremated remains.
  • The opportunity for a keepsake presents itself only once but lasts a lifetime. Keep your loved one close with a keepsake urn or keepsake
  • We will gladly obtain certified copies of the Ohio death certificate in order to settle affairs.
    Price: $25.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00