Elizabeth Jean Shukis

Elizabeth Jean Shukis, (nee-Ferguson), 81 of Cleveland passed away Sunday, December 27, 2020.

She was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

She came to Ohio in her 20’s when she got married.

Jean is survived by her four children Garth Allen, Lizabeth Price, Scott Shukis and Kelly Albanese; 4 grandchildren, Rachel, Samantha, Stephanie and Matthew, and a sister, Carolyn Petri.

She selflessly gave 25 years of service to Senior Citizen Resources and she volunteered frequently.

Her favorite activities were watching ducks at the lake and attending her Lutheran Church, but most important to her was helping others.

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  1. My husband and I were out of town when we heard the news about Jean’s death. She was a blessing to St. James. Greeting and handing out bulletins every Sunday, even if someone else was greeting that weekend. Always volunteering to help in any way she could, especially at Falloween and Cookies and Cocoa with Santa at Deaconess. She will be missed.

    1. Thank you, Carole For you’re kind words I’m glad you got to know my mother 💞She enjoyed helping out and always willing to help others .Yes She will be missed!!

  2. Jean will be greatly missed at St James Lutheran Church. Every Sunday she would greet everyone coming in. She was always willing to help at Vacation Bible school. Anytime we had a meal, she was willing to serve. We will miss her smile & upbeat personality. God Bless

    1. Aww Thank you ,Janet for you’re kind words .She always loved to help in any way she could in everyway.It was very nice meeting you also .Its good to know She was cared about 💞

    2. Aww..Thank you ,Janet I’m glad She brought joy to you .Yes she enjoyed always helping out she loved people .😊It was very nice meeting you also .

  3. Jean was one of the first people I met at St. James and often the first person I saw each Sunday. I will miss her cheerful greeting.

  4. John loved you’re gifts of chocolates and the special gifts and cards and always remembering my bday.you will be missed at holidays and you’re smile May God bless &keep you in his heart May you be at peace now .Martha & John

  5. John loved you’re gifts of candy and the special gifts you gave me all the holidays.you will be missed at the holidays and you’re smile .may god bless and keep you in his loving heart may you be at peace. John&martha

  6. John loved you’re gifts of candy and you’re special gifts to me at all the holidays .you will be missed at the holidays and you’re smile .may god bless you and keep you in his loving heart may you be at peace. Love john&martha

  7. Kelly,
    What a beautiful tribute! I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you a big hug and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  8. She is terribly missed and forever loved by countless people. I myself will always remember Jean and will miss her and she will be forever in my heart.

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