About Us

All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society is the only fully licensed cremation society in the state of Ohio. Most traditional funeral homes operate cremation societies as a sideline business. For many, it typically means that you are incurring a portion of their annual expense for maintaining space for public viewings, visitations and memorial services as well as much larger staffs and all the additional expenses and overhead of that traditional funeral home. We do not maintain public gathering spaces for visitations and services which eliminates these expenses and allows us to offer reduced prices on the services we do provide. As a licensed funeral home with funeral directors we have the full authority and ability to handle anything you would request of a traditional funeral home including the transportation of the deceased, obtaining certified copies of the death certificate and placing newspaper notices just to name a few. The third license we carry is that of a crematory facility which means that we own and operate our own cremation equipment. In the state of Ohio, crematory facilities can never deal directly with the public so as you can see, we are the closest thing to going directly to the crematory without using a funeral home.