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Advance Planning

Pre-planning lets you make choices in advance of need based on your wishes as to how your final arrangements will be carried out.

About Us

Immediate Need

Choose from our most selected cremation plans with no hidden fees. Starting at just $1,395 for complete simple cremation.

About Us

All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society is the only fully licensed cremation society in the state of Ohio. Most traditional funeral homes operate cremation societies as a sideline business. For many, it typically means that you are incurring a portion of their annual expense for maintaining space for public viewings, visitations and memorial services as well as much larger staffs and all the additional expenses and overhead of that traditional funeral home. 

Locally Owned – Locally Operated

While making funeral or cremation arrangements is never an easy conversation, it is necessary to discuss and plan before the time of need. More people than ever admit they prefer the simplicity and dignity of cremation and simple burial. Most people don’t realize the countless decisions that must be made before a funeral or cremation service takes place until the time of need is upon them. All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society offers an alternative to dealing with the lengthy, cumbersome, and many times costly process of making traditional funeral arrangements.

We are a full-service cremation and burial provider staffed by Ohio Licensed Funeral Directors. The state of Ohio requires that ANY funeral or cremation arrangements must be arranged through a Licensed Funeral Director operating from a State Licensed funeral home. We operate out of a licensed funeral home facility but the difference between our funeral home and others is that we do not offer any public visitations or memorial services in our facility which eliminates the high overhead that most facilities must charge for. The society only charges you for the necessities and legalities of handling simple cremation or burial arrangements. Unlike traditional funeral homes you do not incur the overhead cost of a fancy building, hearse, large staff etc. allowing us to offer lower prices.

Easy To Understand Choices All With Fixed Fee Prices

Through the use of our cremation arrangement web site, you can make complete pre-need or at-need arrangements, including the completion all of the necessary authorizations and selections from the comfort of your home. You can be reassured in knowing that any arrangements you make will be overseen by a Licensed Ohio Funeral Director and knowledgeable, caring staff members. We will follow up with printed agreements, disclosures, and membership documents for your records.

We Are Here To Assist You 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week

Although this web site is designed to assist you in making decisions, we understand it in no way replaces the human interaction this very sensitive arrangement requires. For this reason, we are available by telephone 24/7 to respond to your initial call for service. Please feel free to call us at any hour with questions or concerns you may have throughout this process.

Why Choose All Ohio Cremation?

Simplified Process

We take all of the guesswork out of this process. Our streamlined packages have been designed to meet your needs for final arrangements. Simply choose the package that is right for you and your loved ones.

Straightforward Pricing

We show you upfront exactly what you will pay for your arrangements, which includes ALL of the necessary services. We offer additional options for more customization, but you will never discover extra charges later for what others call options.

Uncompromising Service

Regardless of the price point you select for your arrangements, you will always receive unparalleled service from us. We take these types of decisions seriously, and we aim to treat each situation with dignity, respect, and empathy.


John and his team made this very stressful situation much easier to handle.
Brian Butts
13:52 20 Jul 21
This place is amazing. The staff members are professional, compassionate, accommodating, and most of all, kind. Our family was treated with the utmost care and respect during a very challenging time. I highly recommend them. If it were possible, I would give them an even higher rating.
Saundra Holmes
02:21 14 Jul 21
Pat was the kindest person and handled my nephew’s arrangement with such compassion for my sister. In such a dark time and anyone ever has to face the arrangement of a loved one, I highly recommend this place for your needs.
Crystal Orzo
14:55 25 Jun 21
I had a very good experience with All Ohio Cremation ; I didn’t do the pre-planning ,but had to follow up and go to the crematory afterwards.The person I dealt with was very understanding and helpful.I was called back quickly and all my questions were answered.I recommended them to my girlfriend when her mother passed away.My friend then prepaid and planned her own cremation.I have just referred another friend to Ohio crematory. I had a positive experience and therefore feel confident in my referral.
marlene costanzo
15:50 06 May 21
I recently had to take care of my brothers death and called All Ohio Cremation. I talked to John and I can honestly say this man warned my heart. He was so compassionate and helpful. Always remembered to ask about my mom and make sure he made the path we took easier! I can not say enough about this company. Thank you John for everything!
Melissa Kusak
20:38 17 Apr 21
When my Father passed away, I was referred to All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society by the hospital, since all other places I had called never returned my call, or gave excuses during our time of loss. John was our Director and he handled everything with such compassion, care and was patience with us, with all the questions and concerns. My dad was an Army Veteran, and John even helped us schedule burial services at my Dad’s chosen VA cemetery. The whole process was easy, which took from the stress we were going through. I recommend this place definitely.
Nadya Rodriguez
16:01 05 Mar 21
Very professional and caring. They explain everything and make the difficult process so easy
ken wolf
17:29 15 Feb 21
My mother pre-arranged with All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society. She had many questions before she finalized her wishes, which were answered patiently and kindly. From when I called to arrange for her pick up at the nursing home, to numerous questions along the way, and pick up of her ashes, everyone was amazingly available, kind, professional, and helpful. My husband and I were both impressed.
Pat McMillan
23:59 05 Feb 21
When our mother passed away, we found in her notes, All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society’s contact information. We called on a Saturday and the owner Patrick Mahoney responded to our request for service. He was professional compassionate demonstrated care in fulfilling mom’s wishes. He found the notes generated in 2012 during Mom’s initial phone interview and graciously made a copy for me. Patrick made sure to call us with any questions, and set the expectations for timeliness.We highly recommend All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society.
Brent Agan
20:50 04 Feb 21
When our mother passed away on Christmas Day, Chris and John exemplified compassion and professionalism. All Ohio Cremation & Burial Service’s website was easy to navigate and took us through the entire process of decision making without adding to our stress. Any questions we had were quickly answered. There were no unnecessary surprises or added stressors while dealing with these two gentlemen. Thank you for making those terrible days less so.
Gina Gennaro
21:14 03 Feb 21
They were awesome! I had an issue with another place to care for my moms remains which was extremely stressful and John and Pat stepped in and handled everything so effortlessly! Very professional and very friendly not to mention knowledgeable! They took time and kept in touch with me every step of the way and after all the stress from the loss of my mom I needed that! but I felt it was ginuwine which is the most important to you me. I have recommended them to others who are going through difficult times as i did. I cant put into words how wonderful they were. THANK YOU GUYS! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT thru my difficult time. they even called after to make sure i was satisfied as well! I would highly recommend them! Sincerely, Michele Laboo
21:09 06 Aug 20
John and the staff at All Ohio Cremation were kind, caring, and compassionate when my father died at the beginning of February. Everything was exactly as described on the website. John provided exactly what I asked for and was clear and professional in all of his communications. I very much appreciated the care that they gave, not only to my father, but also to my family and me. We were treated with kindness, dignity and respect at all times.I would highly recommend them.
Steve Krebill
22:35 02 Mar 20
Recently we experienced the sudden unexpected death of a family member who had no funeral arrangements, no life insurance and was disabled. Upon their death I frantically began calling funeral homes and cemeteries to arrange for burial. Costs were about the same everywhere and since this was unplanned and unexpected there was no cash on hand to cover this expense: As I began my search for cremation service I came across All Ohio Cremation .& Burial Society. They were very affordable and highly experienced and professional. This is a small local business and I was so surprised that I drove by this business for years and never realized it was in the area. John helped us from start to finish, including creating a no-cost obituary and personalized prayer cards. Pat Mahoney assisted our family with everything at the church. From working with the coroner to obtaining death certificates and deciding on an urn they made the entire process simple and worry-free. Our family was blessed to have connected with John and Pat during this time of grief. We are so grateful to them.
Gail Starcher
01:39 19 Feb 20
They were very informative and caring while handling my mothers arrangements. We did not feel rushed as we made our final decisions. They have a lot of nice keepsakes to remember your loved one by. We especially love having the Thumbie necklaces. And very important to note is the affordable pricing. We checked at many places and no where was as affordable. Unfortunately, we are planning another family members services. But we know who we can trust now with our arrangements.
unknown person
14:33 24 Jan 20
During the sudden and unexpected passing of my loved one, Patrick Mahoney and All Ohio Cremation went above and beyond to handle all of the details of transporting my loved one’s remains from another state back to Ohio. I can’t express my gratitude and the comforting experience while making the final arrangements. Thank you Patrick for all that you did, I am forever grateful.
Sheryle Smith
23:49 23 Jan 20
I lost my partner on Tuesday and Pat saw me on Wednesday. Had everything done and picked up his ashes on Friday. Very professional. I didn’t have a clue on what I was doing. Thank you for making it so simple and easy during this difficult time.
Dean Griffith
05:35 12 Nov 19
Very professional & friendly staff. I had never dealt with funeral arrangements before. My mom passed away few months ago & she had nothing set aside for cremation.. I was told to contact this place. When i did Pat asked a few questions & he told me that my step dad whom passed away years ago was intitled to full milatry service since he retired from the air force. Thankfully my mom saved he’s discharge papers. Pat told me what i needed & which VA to go to. The military thankfully paid for my mom cremation & Im able to have them both burried together & my step dad will have he’s full honor funeral that he deserved. Im so grateful for all their help both from All Ohio Cremation & the VA. I wouldn’t been able to afford to cremate or any service for my mother. Highly recommend this place. Also Justine was very helpful & friendly. Thank you to her also.
Vicky Zinner
21:22 31 Jul 19
In a very difficult and emotional situation, Mr. Mahoney was kind, calming, thoughtful, a good listener and most helpful. Thank you so much.
Robin Pease
18:12 31 Jul 19
The entire establishment here provides a first rate, first class experience from the very first informational phone call, through the moment you say good bye to you’re loved one. Saying good bye to my mother was a very difficult, emotional, and stressful time for me and my family. I knew the moment they answered the phone that this was the place that put me at ease. Every single person was caring, patient, compassionate, and had genuine concern for our loss. We are almost 1 year to the date, when my mom passed and All Ohio Cremation gave me peace of heart, mind, and spirit. I apologize it took so long to provide this review but it’s from my heart and I’m still grieving the loss of my mom. If anyone is considering “cremation” look no further than than the warm heart at this location.
Red S Dunn
16:36 22 Jun 19
My 37 yr old daughter passed away suddenly in Cleveland we live about 3 hrs away. We were lost on what to do I googled this place and called. We had many obstacles to over come but Patrick and his team helped us at all areas. They were thoughtful and helped with my many concerns. I called many many times and they were there each time to answer my questions. If they were around my area and someone else passed I would definatly come here. The prices was by far the best. I can’t thank them enough for how we were treated. If I were u all and need somewhere to go I would go here. God Bless them!!Candi Holt
Candi Holt
18:09 16 May 19
I had no idea what to expect, having never dealt with arrangements for a cremation when my sister died unexpectedly. Justine answered my initial call and helped me throughout the entire process. She was personable, efficient, patient, informative, responsive and reachable at all times. The fees were exactly as described on their website and in her initial explanation. And, Justine was willing to do anything she could when asked (e.g., saved a lock of hair for a keepsake, took fingerprints for a necklace, etc.). Justine kept me informed of where we were in the process and had good advice to help me through the administrative side. Thank you for everything, Justine.
Denise Lysle
01:31 14 May 19
I’m giving a 2 Thumbs up review for this company, they truly made the process very easy, no hidden fee’s and I felt very comfortable from the 1st phone call until when we picked up our loved ones ashes. Truly no hidden fees, they were honest and sent paperwork with any explanation of the fees very quickly which I appreciated. I would recommend them and are pleased to give them 5 stars
Ohio SkiGirl
14:06 22 Feb 19
I thought they were very compassionate and accommodating regarding our loss. This was new to us and they were very helpful as far as what we needed and what needed done. Everyone was VERY friendly and thoughtful and they made our process sooo easy to accomplish. They were also very prompt in accomplishing everything we asked for. I absolutely would recommend this facility to anyone. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to use them in the future if needed!!
20:21 09 Jan 19
Stewart took care of the planning of my mother’s funeral and was very compassionate and understanding and a great person to deal with made the whole experience as pleasant as possible great job Stewart and the whole staff over at all Ohio cremation and burialThank you
16:13 24 Oct 18
10+ starsPat,Thank you for taking such good care of my husband’s precious heart.Thank you for taking your time with this situation. I appreciate everything you are doing.You are a genuine angel.
Mary Poppins
19:05 17 Oct 18
Our family had an unexpected death of a loved one on a Friday morning. Patrick helped us over the weekend at a time that was overwhelming. He walked us through each step with patience and compassion.
Karen Kristy
02:08 17 Oct 18
We became acquainted with All Ohio Cremation at the time of my mother’s death ten years ago. So when it came time to address my husband’s illness, we opted to become members and to pay in advance for all that would be required. When it became time for my husband’s passing, just as it had been done with my mother, All Ohio handled all the details delicately yet professionally. If cremation is something you’ve considered then I strongly suggest you contact them, and they will help you with any concerns or questions you may have. They were discreet and totally professional.
Barbara Weekley
03:08 15 Oct 18
Stewart took care of our family needs quickly and compassionately. He had our paperwork processed quickly and explained everything to our satisfaction. The website has up front pricing and there are no surprise charges or hidden fees. Their service is one my family can trust and rely on. Thank you from my family!
Bryan Zacharias
00:29 05 Oct 18
Good people. Readily available. Great follow up. Took care of all the necessary arrangements and paperwork without any need for us to prompt or remind them. They provide an affordable service and I appreciate the alternative solution they offer compared to a traditional funeral home.
Mark Leonard
18:57 17 Jul 18
Mr. Mahoney and staff were extremely professional as well as providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere to discuss final arrangements for my loved one. Communication was excellent. The process was efficient, but it did not feel like a business transaction. I give All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society my highest recommendation. I was very impressed.
Chris Kelly
14:51 04 May 18
Patrick was very caring and considerate to myself and family.Final Farewell package was perfect for our brother and our budget. Thank you Patrick – The Lukco and Hayko family.
Katie Hayko
14:22 16 Feb 18
They made my worst day a stress free day. Just one call and everything was taken care of. I can’t recommend them enough. Jennifer was a delight to work with and always answered my emails in a timely manner. Again, thank you for making my worst day stress free.
Collene Burgess
00:22 09 Feb 18
I cannot thank All Ohio Cremation enough for their helpfulness at the time it was needed when my Aunt passed. Living out-of-state was difficult as it was, but they were so helpful & accommodating, it helped to remove the stress during this time. I highly recommend them.
Donna VanOpdenbosch
15:23 22 Aug 17
This is an unusual endorsement but due to the exemplary service and integrity that I experienced with the handling of my mom’s affairs I had to share. My mom had arranged for her body to be donated to Case Western reserve university for research. Everything was supposed to be handled. The morning that my mom passed away the nursing home called CWRU and we were told at that time they couldn’t take my mom. We had no plan B and called the nearest funeral home who gouged us with an exorbitant cost. Thankfully Dawn Gorsuch found All Ohio Cremation who immediately took over and handled everything for us. As I said this is a strange endorsement I’m sure but one that I need to put out there. Corporate greed exists till the bitter end and we have to keep fighting back!!! I would highly recommend and the staff are fabulous!
Barb Radocaj
16:00 01 Jul 17
Pat Mahoney and his team created a smooth experience during a very difficult time. The passing of our family member was handled with authentic compassion and respect. I would recommend their service to anyone. Thank you, All Ohio Cremation, for the extra care you give your customers in their time of need.
Tracey Dwyer
18:51 02 Jun 17
Kindness, Compassion these are the words to best describe Ohio Cremation. More and more people are turning to cremation services for so many personal reasons. We have been asked by many family and friends for our referral and I must say again and again Ohio Cremation was a very professional , kind, compassionate and private to our needs and gave us peace of mind.
Margo Ressler
16:03 17 Apr 17
Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. These folks made it about as trouble free as is possible. From planning ahead, to taking care of my Mom after she died, everything went smoothly. It allowed me to think about her and only her during the entire period.
Daniel Paxson
01:16 12 Apr 17
From start to finish the staff and services from “All Ohio” were very professional. We enlisted their services in February 2014 when dad passed away and currently for mom’s passing in March 2017. They were very sensitive to our needs with no high pressure sales pitches, along with being very caring for our loss.The gentleman who arrived to pick up our mom’s corpse was also very caring and sensitive. He handled the corpse as gentle as he could to remove her from the premise and into his transport vehicle.When we picked up my mom’s remains at their place of business, Jennifer Miller (Membership Director/Administrative Assistant) along with Patrick Mahoney (Founder and President) were there to greet us and finalize the process.I personally would recommend “All Ohio” for your cremation and burial needs.
Nicholas A Laurienzo
11:04 24 Mar 17



Our dedicated arrangement staff collect all the necessary information in order to fufill your requests


We respectfully and quickly transport your loved one into our care.


Once your requested arrangements are completed you will be notified that the remains are available for retrieval and final disposition

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