What does cremation Cost

How Much is Cremation?

We are often asked how much a cremation costs in the State of Ohio which has led us to continue displaying our complete cremation packages on the prices page of our cremation arrangement website.

In this age of information, it is simple to search online, find out information and compare prices on many different services and merchandise.  Unfortunately, it is still not so easy to compare prices among funeral and cremation providers. While writing this article I tried to locate prices of simple cremation in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding suburbs. Much of what I found was links to local funeral homes that do not list prices on their website, requiring you to call and ask what the cost is and online comparison services that require you to register in order to research prices.

When doing your own research, here are questions you may want to consider asking.

1. Do you own and operate your own crematory or do you utilize and outside crematory?

2. Is the crematory fee included in the price?

3. Is a container for the body (also known as alternative container) required and if so is it included in the price?

4. What type of container (if any) is included for the cremated remains?

5. Is the cost of the required permit included?

6. Is sales tax included?

All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, believes that all of these services and merchandise should be included in one low price.  Our simple cremation prices start at just $1095 complete for our registered members.  Other packages that include private viewing, memorial services and visitation are available and are clearly and completely priced on our website.

We always appreciate working with informed consumers that choose All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society because of our reputation, honesty and integrity.  Should you have questions regarding any of the services and merchandise offered on our site, please don’t hesitate to call 216-631-4500 or email info@allohiocremation.com today.